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Hear what our customers have to say!

"We needed help in controlling our high-energy goldendoodle, Bailey. Kris' straight-forward approach taught us how to curb the negative behavior as well as reinforce the positive.  Although she is still a work in progress, Bailey is learning to control her jumping and pulling!"

- Ben & Karen Ball

"After months of careful consideration and research, I adopted an American Pit Bull Terrier from a pit bull rescue group. I chose Franki in particular because of her sweet temperament with not only people but other dogs. Although she had a great temperament, she had terrible manners.  Jumping, puppy-biting (she's not a puppy), rushing the door and the worst was her leash manners. I found Canine Bliss on the internet and read the reviews and decided to sign Franki up. Kris gave us very good information about food, toys, exercise, leash and collar advice and great lessons on obedience and loose leash walking. It gave Franki and I something to practice every day. Franki had completed Canine Companion Level 1 and did so with flying colors. She is now signed up for Canine Good Citizen classes. Every where we go people comment on how well behaved she is! I am amazed! I just want to thank Kris for giving me the tools to teach Franki how to be the amazing dog I knew she was meant to be. She is a work in progress and we will continue training and classes with Canine Bliss!"

- Cinda Binger

"This course (Basic Manners) I would highly recommend to all dog owners.  About 90% of class is geared toward training the owner on handling and training their pet. The mistakes we make while training are explained and corrected very professionally by Kris. This is a very relaxed course for dogs and owners. This course will help the most opinionated dog on this planet. Our Boxer, Molly, would always pull on leash while walking, we tried to correct to no end. She also thought people coming to the door that they came to see her. The first time we visited Kris we were talking about returning her back to breeder. Kris suggested to try Companion Level 1. After this class, Molly has settled down greatly. The walks are a joy walking with her. She is showing a great improvement in greeting people. Yes, there is a way to improve but most of all, she is a keeper and a great member to our house. Training doesn't end after class but a continious effort and on going training. A fantastic course. Thanks Kris."

 - Charles & Sharon Meyer

"Our dog, Lola, had high anxiety and did not listen well to directions. After completing this course, walks are no longer tug-of-war matches, she follows directions well, and is overall a more calm, well behaved dog. We would highly recommend Canine Bliss to anyone."

- Jeremy & Laura Fox


"Kris Bliss is a knowledgable and caring person to teach people the correct way to control and what should be expected from a family pet. She gives solid sound suggestions to her class to students on behavior issues they are having at home to correct problems. I enjoyed being in her class and feel everyone who gets a new dog its essential to teach them positive behaviors. Thank you, Kris for helping me know to reward Tanner for good behavior and discipline when needed. Positive teaching has improved his behavior but people can only reach desired goals by working daily with their own dogs & you help your students realize you get results by continual practice."

- Sally Fornwald


"Thank you Canine Bliss!! Our dog, Pippa, is highly energetic and desperately needed some help with obedience. We probably would have never known about the benefits of a correction collar, but thanks to this class it has worked wonders on our dog. We saw improvement in Pippa after every class"

- The Draegers


"Canine Bliss was very beneficial to the training of my dog. Now I can walk my dog and it's stress free."

-  Matt Ollom


"Going into Canine Bliss classes was a decision I made to help me learn how to effectively train a rapidly growing and sometimes stubborn puppy.  It isn't a decision I regret.  Through the classes and a bit of practice, Deke has become a great dog. We're still working on fine-tuning, but Kris has given me the tools to handle him in the future."

- Kailee Wisehart


"I felt so lucky to have been enrolled in Obedience Class Training. Kris was an excellent instructor- concise & to the point. I came in with a strong willed beagle/mix rescue who pulled on her leash until I thought my arms would be yanked from my body. With the recommendation of a "correction collar" and training me to take control, walks are pleasant. The class time flew by & was fun for us both. I have no doubt our training will continue. Great facility & professional atmosphere!"

- Sande Grubs


"I looked forward to class. It became a regular routine that helped me get in touch with my dog. It's amazing how much you can fit in a days time & around a busy schedule when you make a point to add a class for a dog. Things get accomplished when there is allowed time for it. This was money well spent. I can continually refer back to our handouts to keep me working with my dog. I appreciate the availability of dog product, so I don't have to go out of my way to get what I need. Loved seeing your dog & teaching us by example."

- Unknown


"We had a fantastic experience.  This course taught our dog to be well disciplined and really listen to us.  His 6 weeks in obedient 1 taught him to want to listen to us and behave accordingly.  The staff is wonderful and so willing to help!"

- Logan & Megan Meisler


"I would say that the Canine Companion Level One class was a great experience for Brody and me.  The handouts are very helpful as a review and as general information that Kris has compiled over her teaching career.  I like the feeling that Brody, and my ability to work with him, was important in each lesson and class.  Great experience."

- Marty Atkinson


"Kris, thank you for sharing this wonderful gift you have.  Even though time (was & is) a factor, you made sure everyone's issues were answered, even if our class ran over.  To me, this shows your commitment to the animal but more so to the owner. Having proper instructions shows me how many people not taking your class are handling their dog wrong. I (we) are proud to show Dakota when out in the public eye.  And it's nice to get comments on him.  So we show him off every chance we get.  You have made raising him a lot of fun, and showing us proper feeding and handling.  We are so glad we came to you.  Your vast knowledge is amazing.  Thank you."

- DeWayne & Tracie Henson


"I wished everyone who acquires a dog would take a puppy class or beginner obedience class with Kris!  She can help get the puppy/owner relationship off to a good start so the dog can become a polite member of the family and be safe in and outside of the home.  The puppy and basic obedience classes helped my somewhat timid mini Aussie to become much more outgoing with people, and to become happy to engage with other dogs.  We look forward to taking more classes at Canine Bliss!"

- Karin and Maeve Graeff


"I have always had large breed dogs.  They listen well when food is involved! This is my 1st toy size breed dog and I have seen a lot of "little terrors." I wanted my "lap dog" to be well trained & polite.  But I was afraid I couldn't do this on my own.  We have always brought all our dogs to Canine Bliss for training.  I knew Kris could show me how to do this.  And again she didn't let me down.  Don't get me wrong, you put into it what you get out of it.  But if you listen, do your homework you will be a happy dog owner.  Big, small we love them all!"

- Barbara Reisbach


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