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Hear what our customers have to say!

"It's such a joy when you realize a teacher is teaching from her heart...Kris has such a good 'read' of the dogs and their humans - we could learn as a group, yet stil receive the individual attention we needed.  Amazing how much we learned in just 4 weeks!"

- Jody Geyer & Lucy

"We adopted a Great Dane puppy in May of 2016.  It was great at first, but within the first 3-4 months we started to have some serious behavior issues.  Mabel had issues in every area.  She was barking constantly, was way too energetic in the house, dragging us when on the leash, and even biting.  We enrolled in basic manners at Canine Bliss, as a last resort.  I wasn't very optimistic that Mabel would 'pass' the class.  But I have been amazed at her progress.  Kris really gave us the individual attention that we needed.  She even helped my older kids really learn how to handle a big dog.  Our kids have now set a goal to have Mabel certified as a therapy dog.  So we are working towards that.  This would never have been possible before training."

- April Reeves

"Gracie is a black lab who was 7 months old when we decided she wasn't going to outgrow a lot of her problems.  We decided to bring her to Kris who was fantastic in showing us how to control her.  When we arrived on our first day, we made a 'grand entrance'.  Gracie was out of control with excitement, Kris came over and suggested a different collar and got her to calm down.  As I looked around while Kris was doing this, all the other dogs and owners were calmly sitting.  We shouldn't have waited till she was 7 months to start obedience school.  Gracie is unlike any other dog that we have had.  After our 1st day, we were able to control Gracie, and she just got better with each class.  We signed up for the advanced obedience class and learned a lot in that one also.  Gracie seemed to know when we were going to class and enjoyed being there.  Kris makes the classes enjoyable while learning.  I like that the class size is limited.  Hoping to sign up for the citizen class this fall."

- Sandy Cordell

"I am a repeat customer.  I attended Canine Bliss

- April Reeves

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