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Hear what our customers have to say!

"I felt my dog and I both benefitted from the class. Kris is a very learned intsructor and has a way of relating and teaching all temperaments of dogs."

- Bonnie Mock

"In just the second week of my class Ginger learned how to stop biting and learned how to stand. My dog learned alot in this class and learned really fast too!" 

- Maggie VanMeter

"Very excellent class - the dog learns how to behave and even more important Kris teaches the dog owner how to control and train the dog.  Every dog owner should be in these training classes."

- Richard V. Kemp

"This class was a tremendous help! We came into class with a 'crazy' dog and came out with an obedient, well rounded animal. Thanks so much."  

- Amber Haslinger

"This class helped me and Bear get to know each other and a great opportunity to socialize my dog with other people and dogs.  Thanks a lot!" 

- Jim Dempster

"Besides great training methods, Kris has a lot of knowledge of dog behavior. She really helps you understand how your dog thinks & what methods are successful."

- Judy Maher

"If you are thinking of having kids, get a dog and take dog obedience classes. The skills learned are very similar to those you need for parenting. Take it from a mother of five kids!"  

- JF

"I am very glad I was told about Canine Bliss. I found the training for me and my new puppy very effective. Kris is very patient with us and very helpful with any problem areas we needed addressed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with a new puppy that wants to learn basic obedience training."

- Dorothy Palm

"My dog was on the shy side and didn't interact very well with others. By the end of the 5 weeks he was letting other people pet him. I highly recommend the Canine Bliss Dog Training. It is well worth your time & money."

- Stacie Marquart & Rex

"Even though we had tried to train our dogs since puppies - they weren't really getting it and we obviously were confusing them. Taking them to Kris Bliss' obedience class brought a big turn around in their behavior and we know what we are doing too.

It's great to go on walks without all the pulling. They settle down quicker when people come over and sit for attention instead of jumping up. We are taking the next class for sure. (We have 2-7 month old 45 lb. Lab/shepherd mixes)."

- Bonnie VanMeter, Toby and Ginger

"This class was everything I could expect and more! I feel very confident I can handle any situation I might face while continuing the training of my dog!"

- Jim Dempster

"I have taken at least 6 other dog training classes, given by different groups.  I am a past member of the Tri-County Dog Training Club, and assisted and given dog training classes. This class has showed me alternative ways, not so stern, mean as correction with jerks on a choker collar, more food (clicker) rewards for attention, more positive ways to develop a strong, positive bond with your dog.

Kris has a lot of experience with many different kinds of dog training techniques and has used all that experience to teach the best way for the dog and owner. I would and have recommended Canine Bliss Dog Training."

- Sharon Karlovetz

"We really enjoyed the basic obedience class offered by Canine Bliss. The small class size allowed personal attention to our progress and also any problems we had. The methods used were easy to learn and easy to repeat at home. We have already signed up for the Advanced class!"

- Dennis Franklin

"Almost immediately my dog began walking the right way on a leash - from there very rapid improvements could be seen each day/class. I believe my dog enjoyed the class, it was good socialization, it was a bonding experience between my dog and I , and most importantly it taught ME correct training methods."  

- GG

"When we started classes with Jake we were just hoping to be able to take him on a leash without being led by him.  Now we can actually take him out in public without being embarrassed! The classes were great and very helpful in many ways. We highly recommend Kris and her excellent skills."

- Don and Kathy Meyer

"Canine Bliss was a LIFE-SAVER for me.  Our family had a negative experience with puppy training in the past.  I was not going to have a repeat performance with my newest pup!  Kris is an awesome, no-nonsense instructor!  I have learned so much.  My puppy's behavior has improved, but we both have a long way to go.  I am ging to continue taking classes as long as it is possible for me to do so!  CONSISTENCY is the key to successful dog training!  Don't give up when things get rough!"  

- Jane Taylor - Port Clinton

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