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Hear what our customers have to say!

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kris for several years now and I don't hesitate to send my clients to her.  I've really been amazed with her ability to take some of these dogs that are absolute nightmares in the hospital setting and make them more sociable pets.  It makes my job easier and I know my clients are happy to have an animal they can take out in public without worrying about a potential liability.  In fact, the boxer I recently rescued and myself will be setting up an appointment with Kris in the very near future."   - Dr. Mike Brothers, DVM

 - Dr. Mike Brothers, DVM 


"Kris has done a great job with our clients' dogs and puppies.  She helped us with our puppy that is now a well behaved 98# adult that my kids can easily lead around.  I have used her information with our clients and helped them to decide what to do with certain behavioral problems.  Like everything else, the earlier a problem can be identified the easier it is to fix.  Kris's Puppy classes are excellent at building a good foundation so owners understand what is acceptable behavior and what types of "playing" will become unacceptable problems later.  Owning a dog is a major decision for an individual family and Canine Bliss can help get the most out of your family friend."  - Dr. Ryan Zimmerman, Westview Veterinary Hospital

 - Dr. Ryan Zimmerman 

 Westview Veterinary Hospital 


We got a Bichon before Christmas.  He was totally unruly, barking, mouthing, and did not listen.  Hence we named him Rowdy.  My husband wanted to get rid of him.  We heard about Canine Bliss, signed up and hoped for the best.  After 4 weeks, he is a lot better.  He started to listen and obey.  Now my husband doesn't want to get rid of him, and even calls him his buddy. 

- Karen Shriver

"Last November I adopted a Pointer/Hound mix.  As expected, Scout likes to chase prey.  However, he would not return when I called him back.  He can clear a 5 ft. fence with one jump.  I took him to Level 1 training.  Kris understood my concern.  We learned the "come" command, and she helped me become a better handler.  Tonight, Scout sped off after a rabbit.  I felt the prior fear when he took off.  Using the commands and tone of voice Kris taught me, Scout stopped immediately and ran back just as fast with a wagging tail.  He earned lots of praise and a high end treat!  Two prior trainers could not help me, with one advising Scout could only be trained to "come" with a shock collar.  Kris is a dog whisperer!  Thank you.

- Deb Rump

"I have been training with Kris for over 4 years with 6 different dogs. She is the best instructor I have ever had. She is honest, kind, and very knowledgeable on dogs, training, behavior, nutrition and grooming. Each dog in class is different and she is able to meet each individual need. My needs have been met because she listens and pays attention to all. She is a gifted teacher." 

 - Deb Yeagle

"We are very happy with the results of the classes at Canine Bliss. We adopted Luna who was found as a stray in Kentucky. Being somewhere between two and three and having been on her own for a while she came with some issues. The basic dog course and Kris' guidance has helped tremendously. While we are a work in progress, the tools we have have made us better pet parents. Luna loved school and we will definitely take more classes from Kris."

- Sarah & Randy Riedmaier


"The course mixed training with all sorts of everyday tips of how to respond to my dog's signals. I really enjoyed that level of care. My dog & I got to know each other during the course as well during homework time. Some how my dog changed into a much more behaved dog as the course went on. Surley not the same dog at the end. I think Maggie enjoyed the course as much as I did."

- Mike Brown


"Thank you. Thank you. Because of you I am progressing to manage a show dog.  Many thought I could not do it but I hope to prove them wrong. I hope to raise a healthy, happy, well behaved dog. Looking forward to the next class. Kris Bliss' intelligence and achievements with dogs is amazing! Taking her classes you will discover how to bond with and train your dog the right way. In addition to an obedient dog you will have a much safer dog."

- Sandra Kleinoeder


"Puppy classes are worth your time and money to have a better dog. Kris explained what she wanted our dogs to do and also showed us. If we needed extra help, Kris is very willing to give it. Classes started on time and left on time. I am glad I made the choice to attend with my puppy."

- Elaine Timmons 


"Still cannot believe my dog listens and obeys commands. It makes life a lot easier for a 77 year old. My dog and family are happier. I would certainly recommend this class and Kris to anyone. Thanks Kris"

- Sandra Stephenson


"Canine Bliss is a very good thing to do for youself and your puppy. We learned a lot and what we learned in class for the puppy, we took home and worked with the older dogs. We need peace in the house, 1 pure breed puppy and 3 pound dogs, we needed help! It was a good, fun class and learning from the other dogs and owners helped."

- Denny & Barb Geldin


"My dog Duke just completed the Canine Companion Level 1. Throughout this class I have learned many commands that have helped Duke (sit, stay, down, loose leash walking). This class was well worth the money and the time! We hope to participate in another class soon."

- D.J. Foos


"I went to Kris with my viszla, 12 years ago, and we had a great companion thanks to Kris' knowledge on dog behaviors. When I bought my silver lab puppy I started teaching her the skills I learned from the obedience class before. I was having trouble with keeping Lucy in the position I commanded. I also had some behavior problems, like jumping and nipping. Lucy was going to be a large lab so I wanted to be in full control of her, so she would not accidentally hurt someone. I enrolled in Kris' obedience class again. The step by step instructions was what Lucy needed. Lucy is doing great and loved the class also. I'm hoping my big lab can be a therapy dog for kids in school to read and talk to. It's going to take a lot of work but I know Kris is who I want to help me. If Lucy doesn't pass the tests, she will just be a better companion for me."

- Kris Wojdyla


"I enrolled my lab Berkley into Puppy Preschool and Companion 1 and it was the best thing I could of done. At 4 months Berkley was pulling me everywhere and would not listen at all. He also hated to be in a crate. After taking these classes I can say he no longer walks me but instead I walk him! He is also slowly enjoying to be in his crate which is so great. Berkley is learning all the commands and listening so much better. Kris and her staff are so nice and very helpful. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants a well behaved dog. They give you all the tools you need to have a happy and healthy dog. Thank you Kris!"

- Heather Keegan


"Kris at Canine Bliss has been an excellent resource & great help to me in training my labradoodle puppy Bella. Her enthusiasm and gentle training comes from the heart. I can take Bella for normal walks without her pulling or jumping. I will continue to use the training techniques that I have learned everyday. Bella may sill need some work, but she is no longer nicknamed "Devil Dog", LOL. I highly recommend Canine Bliss."

- Julie Sebastiano


"Very pleased with our experience at Canine Bliss. Helped us teach our dog Emmee valuable lessons on behavior so that she is a much more enjoyable & well behaved member of our family. Would definitely recommend Kris & Canine Bliss :)"

- Angie Sanchez


"My Miniature American Shepherd, Maeve and I attended the Level II Obedience Class at Canine Bliss. What a great time we had! I had taken Maeve through puppy kindergarten and Level I Obedience there, and was wondering if we could master all the new things we would learn in Level II. I have to say that I was surprised at how relatively easy it was for all the dogs in Level II to catch on! It seems that the dogs have learned how to learn in the previous classes, and the handlers have learned how to teach their dogs- so a nice foundation had been built upon which we were able to expand. There is enough repetition for the dogs to perfect what they've already been taught, and enough new exercises to keep them interested and the dog/handler teams on their toes. Great class- and as always, we enjoyed Kris' experience and knowledge, as well as her down-to-earth approach."

- Karin Graeff and Maeve in Fostoria, OH


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