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Hear what our customers have to say!

"I have a friend that had her dog for training with you a few years ago.  So when I got Joey in August, I tried to get him to listen to me with not much luck.  That is when I decided to take the course with you.  You are so thorough in helping with the proper training of dogs.  I enjoyed your class and Joey looked forward to going to class and being with other dogs."

- Doris Ackerman

"I have been training here for almost 3 years.  I love it.  I love being with my dog and I have Mountain dogs and they love being with me.  Kris is an outstanding instructor.  She is honest, and works with all different levels & needs on the class.  I recommend her to everyone I know who has a dog.  Feel free to call me if you need to get more positive info."

- Deb Yeagle

"I thought I was destined to be controlled by my dog, but this showed ME how to take control & keep it, all while having fun!"

 - Renette Audritsh

"This class has done wonders for our puppy's behavior- walking her for long walks is such a joy now.  The improvement we saw in just four weeks made us realize how much potential there was for future training- which we plan on doing!  Working with Kris was wonderful; she gave us the tools and confidence we needed to train our dog.  The social aspect for our dog was important as well- and allowed her to learn despite real life distractions.  We are really looking forward to the next level class!"

- Kristi Beck


"Before we came to Canine Bliss, life with our pup was sheer chaos.  But after just a few consultations and classes, we, as a family were able to relax and enjoy being dog owners.  Thanks to Kris, we were able to make some adjustments in our day to day living as she gave us the tools for success.  We thank Kris and Canine Bliss for everything they have done for us and our puppy!"

- Jill Wagner

"I had a great time with my German Shepherd pup.  All my expectations were met   He walks better on leash, is more calm meeting people and is just better in general.  I learned a lot in all areas from grooming, dog food, exercise, and training.  I recommend this class for anyone with a misbehaving dog or one that just need some fine tuning."  

- Chelsea Ebert 


"We've enjoyed your classes, they have been so helpful in managing Mackey and Lexie and we will continue to use the lessons to reinforce what we learned in your classes.  You do a wonderful job.  Thank you!!"


"Everything Kris, our instructor did in class was very informative.  The homework each week was very self explanatory and I plan to refer back on each weeks lesson.  Grady, our Springer Spaniel had developed into a good listener and being intuned to my commands."  

- Nancy Herl 


"I will tell my friends, family and co-workers that it will help their dogs behavior a lot to send them to Canine Bliss for dog training classes.  Kris is very friendly and helpful and her dogs are very well behaved.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing the other dogs get better along with my dog Buster."  

- Jim Behrendsen


"When we got Ellie, my diabetic alert dog, we were told that we should attend puppy classes of some sort.  We were recommended to go to Canine Bliss.  Kris has helped Ellie and I work better together and helped Ellie behave better when she is out in public and at home.  We plan on continuing with classes to further Ellies training."



"Kris came highly recommended by our vet.  She is obviously an extremely knowledgeable trainer who cares deeply for dogs.  More than other trainers I've previously worked with, Kris provided that 360 degree comprehensive insight on behavior and doggie psyche..I learned how to respond to and train our pets, proper feeding and other essentials in care.  I will most definitely be returning for highter level obedience training and also signing up my older dog for training.  I wish I had known about Kris years ago, she has made a tremendous difference in quality of life and happiness we share with our furry family!  Thanks Kris!" 

- Audra Strnad & Roxy, Sunny & Gigi


"Because of the training classes with Kris we will be able to keep Izzy.  We rescued Izzy from the Humane Society and was not aware of what it would take to be able to handle a boxer who had been mistreated.  We feel Izzy is perfect, smart and trainable.  We attribute this to personalized attention that we received from Kris.  We recommend that anyone in need of help contact Kris.  They will not be disappointed."    

- John & Dianne Stayancho


"I met Kris about 14 years ago with our first lab Shadow.  Kris was wonderful then with the classes.  We have gotten another lab Sophie and she has had to be alpha ever since we brought her home.  She pulled, jumped, and pushed her way around the other dogs in the family.  It was also very hard to walk Sophie.  The classes have helped again!  Sophie is enjoyable to walk with, the jumping is better (still have to train grandma and grandpa).  We are still working on the bullying stuff but we will get there.  Kris is very knowlegable and great with you and your dog.  We have another pup and will be back.  Highly recommend her obedience classes (training).  Thank you Kris!" 

- Rick, Cass & Sophie McCubbin


"After 25 years of having cocker spaniels, Brandi was our first alpha dog.  She pulled, jumped and barked and nothing we tried worked with her.  Kris and her obedience training was recommended to us and what a difference her Level 1 class has made with Brandi and my relationship.  Walks are now enjoyable and I have the tools to work with all of her issues.  Kris is very knowlegable and very good to work with you and and your dog.   I would highly recommend her obedience training."  

- Olivia Ehlert


"Craig, Bronwynn and I would like to offer our sincerest thanks for helping us figure out how to take her for a walk.  Bronwynn is a very timid English Mastiff and to see her gain some confidence is just amazing.  Thank you so much for your time, patience, and gentle corrections that you gave to get us here." 

- Sincerely, Craig, Heather, and Bronwynn


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