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"Excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge.  Kris will give you the tools to work with your pet and make training fun!"  

- Mary and Tim GockeCarlos Zamudio


"Kris and the staff at Canine Bliss were so very helpful in teaching us techniques that work! They are compassionate about what they do and it shows through their work. They answered any and all of our questions, we are so glad we came to Canine Bliss' obedience class."

- Laryn Snyder 

"Thank you Kris!  Mackey was such a handful to handle and as much as we love dogs and had them most of our married life, he was the first one to frustrate us.  With the time spent in your classes, Mackey has improved greatly.  He's still a work in progress, but with what you have taught as well as the handouts, we have the tools to continue his training.  Again, we thank you for your knowledge and your patience, and yes, we would highly recommend you.  Continued success!" 

- Dean & Robin Cochran

"Having expressed I had a fear of dogs until I acquired "Tank" (Boxer) Kris and her staff made sure I was comfortable as this was a huge step for me to be sitting in a room filled with other dogs.  Attending the Level 1 class has taught me to have better control over Tank before he can react negatively."  

- Bridget Shiets

"The classes at Canine Bliss helped us so much with our 1 yr old yorkie-shon Sophie.  She was an endless ball of energy and didn't listen to us.  Now she is pleasant to walk and a much more enjoyable member of our family."  

 - Dave and Paula Combs (Tiffin)

"What a superior dog training site Fremont Ohio has to offer canine owners!  My golden Retriever pup "Elley" and I have completed Puppy Preschool and Level 1 Basic Training classes.  Canine Bliss was definitely the answer for introducing Elley and I to expected good manners and basic obedience training.  Kris was such a knowledgable instructor and very respected by both the dogs and their owners.  She took time to work personally with each handler to address individual behavior challenges.  Although most instruction took place inside the site, valuable real life training practice time was completed on the walking trail adjacent to the building.  I am so pleased with Elley's progress!  Thanks to Canine Bliss Elley and I are surviving and enjoying puppyhood!"  

- Jane Stotz


"I unexpectedly acquired a 2 month old chocolate lab puppy and realized I had no experience and no idea how to train, or even appropriately interact with him.  Books were of some help but we (Duke and I) needed way more help than that.  Friends recommended Canine Bliss and the classes have been great.  We have done the puppy class and Level One.  The instructors have been very patient with us, recognizing that we are both rookies.  We have made lots of progress and plan to continue classes and refine and maintain what we have learned.  I would recommend this to anyone who is new to the world of dog ownership.  Duke is (mostly) a joy to have around!"  

- John Hiestand 

"My experience at Canine Bliss was exceptionally good for me and my pet "Amy".  We both learned from the courses and everyone who saw Amy before the classes noticed the improvements!  Thank you!"  

- Grace Blayman & Amy


"I really enjoyed the class.  I think the instruction was great!  I would send anyone who is looking for a trainer here."  

- Carlos Zamudio


"I loved this class!  So helpful and informative!  Kris is wonderful with the dogs.  (She is awesome with the people also)  She really knows how to "zero" in on any individuals problems and help people deal with them.  It is so rewarding to know that I actually made a difference in my dog's life.  Thanks Kris, you are awesome!"  

- Angie Smith and Max

"This was a great experience for both Maddox and me.  We both learned a lot.  Thanks for teaching this old dog some new tricks!"  

- Kevin Horn

"Kris did a great job with me and Toby.  I learned a lot about myself and how my behaviors rub off on my dog!!  Would recommend this course to everyone who has never had a dog or even those who have always had dogs.  It was just what we needed to bring some harmony to our home and our daily outings!"  

- Denise Workman

"My wife, Barb and I recently adopted a five-year old beagle named Buddy.  Since we have four children under the age of seven, we believe it is imperative that we have a well-behaved, well-trained dog.  The class did not disappoint!  Barb and I applied the training tips and techniques at home, and we were pleased with how well Buddy responded.  Kris, owner of Canine Bliss, encouraged my family to develop a relationship with our new dog-not just train him-and support quickened the training applications.  My children even attended some of the classes and applied the strategies during their free time at home.  Without hesitation, I would recommend this class for anyone who desires a happy, well-trained companion."  

- Charles Tackett

"I brought Rufus to class to learn to control him on walks and to curb his enthusiasm when guests came to the house.  We accomplished those goals and much more.  It has been so helpful to learn techniques and the thinking behind them.  As with raising kids, dog DO respond to structure and consistency. The common sense approach to dealing with Ru's behavior has proven to be workable for us and will no doubt make life easier for all of us."


"The classes were fun and informative.  It was amazing to see the behavior change in everyone participating.  It was litterally noticable from class to class.  I have already recommended it to 2 people!"  

- Jim Greer

"We have nothing but praises for Kris and her staff.  Our dog Chewy is a better pet as we have become better pet owners.  Kris is great at problem solving and very knowledgeable.  If you want a better pet, one that you can live comfortably with in your home, then come see Kris and let her help you get an understanding of how to accomplish your goals.  Thanks Kris, continued success.  We have nothing but praises for Canine Bliss."  

- Susanne & Roger Tyree

p.s.  Chewy loves you too!!

"VERY helpful getting us started on the right foot with our puppy.  I appreciated the availablity of Kris - I could pick up the phone and ask anything. Kris would know what to suggest and it worked! "

"My dogs, Gabe and Mariah, love coming to class.  They enjoy our relationship and also the instructor.  They have learned how to behave and both myself and Gabe and Mariah are looking forward to continuing our training with Kris."  

- Deb Yeagle

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