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Hear what our customers have to say!

"We would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like a better behaved pet.  We suggest starting earlier rather than later!  (age-wise)."  

- Mr. & Mrs. Mumaw

"While taking the class, I would walk Lucy around the neighborhood and we would practice our homework.  All the walkers and people gardening told me what a well behaved dog she was!  Everyone around town noticed her improvements.  Much credit goes to this class and its guidance."  

- Kathleen Fowler

"Kris is a wonderful instructor full of knowlede.  Her passion for dogs and wanting the human animal bond to be better truly shows.  We have learned a lot and will use it for the rest of our time with our family dog Zoe.  Thanks Kris!"  

- Karen Overmyer

"I previously had a husky and never worked with her much as far as loose leash walking.  I assumed since she was a "sled dog" she was supposed to pull.  Now that we have adopted our new husky I found out this is not the case.  Although she does "have it in her to pull", she is also capable of learning NOT to do so. Walking her now is a much more pleasant experience.  We are not constantly fighting over who is the boss and which way we are going.  Thank you!"  

 - Traci Zoller

"My dog Coda Bear is a 7 month old black lab.  He was high strung and uncontrollable.  Now after completing the Level 1 course, I am finally able to take Coda Bear for a walk with out him walking me.  I'm so proud of the "good dog" that he has become!  Thanks so much Canine Bliss!"  

- Heather Witt

"Even before meeting Kris, I had several conversations with her.  I got a new 6 month old puppy, Bentley and totally forgot how much work they were.  Kris reassured me it will get better and my action will have reaction with Bently.  She gave me wonderful tips on what I needed to do.  This was all before I attended a class.  I honestly don't think if she wouldn't have spoke with me that I would have kept Bentley, and now he is doing wonderful.  Thank you Kris, you were my "Guardian Angel" on those days."  

- MaryBeth Wadsworth

"I would recommend Canine Bliss to anyone who is a first time dog owner.  Kris was able to answer all my questions and gave lots of info to make sure all the dogs were going tin the right direction."  

- Josh Ballenger

"I would highly recommend the Canine Bliss program to any and all dog owners.  I attribute the environment that Kris Bliss has created to be very rewarding.  The program is casual and comfortable for the dogs and owners, yet the agenda is very direct and deliberate.  As we know, there are all kinds of dog personalities and dog issues (owners too); we had many of them, including our 2 year old rescue dog Mango, in the class.  I questioned the ability for us to participate withought being disruptive, let alone accomplish much. I learned to simplify and be consistent with my communications with my dog.  I could not be more pleased with the class and the results.  Thank you Kris."  

- Bob Pudelski and Mango

"Sophie, my black lab mix puppy and I attended Canine Companion Level 1 class.  Kris is a wonderful instructor.  She worked with us individually to meet Sophie's needs, and the small class atmosphere was great working with all the dogs together.  Sophie and I learned many behavior skills.  I enjoy Sophie so much more since taking the class.  Thank you Kris, I recommend you to everyone with a dog!"  

- Martha Miller

"This class has given me the confidence to handle our little Cairn Terrier in public as well as at home.  3 year old Binky is adjusting to living outside the box.  Kris has made that happen with her training and patience.  I think all dog owners should have to take this class with this instructor.  I am a better dog owner because of Kris and her training.  Thanks!"  

- Jeanne Livingston 

"This is probably the best obedience course I have ever taken.  Kris's talent for individualized training to each dog and student working in a group is amazing.  I would recommend this class to anyone!"  

- Teresa Cochran

"I would highly recommend your participation in Canine Bliss's Level 1 program.  Kris does an outstanding job and I learned a great deal and my dachshund did too!"  

- Barb Smola

"Kris Bliss and Canine Bliss' services of classes have been truly helpful in learning happy daily living with my pet.  I highly recommend the service!"  

- Phyllis Chambers

"We would highly recommend Canine Bliss.  We took our puppy and 6 yr. old dogs to the same class.  Behavior improved for both.  Small class size definitely was beneficial.  Plenty of time to discuss issues and work on them.  Seriously, if Kris could help us improve Kramer's behavior (our 6 year old terror, oops I mean terrier) then she can certainly help anyone!"  

- Tom and Laura Klingman

"Kris is very knowledgeable and one can tell she has a lot of training in her field.  She definitely knows what she is talking about!"  

- Allen Stryker and Champ

"Jackson's first visit was bad.  My husband had to carry him in.  He would not walk on a leash.  Now he walks with us very well.  He gets a little scared of cars, buses, and dogs barking but we're sure this will get better when he gets used to it.  He obeys his commands very well!"  

- The Novitski's

"Canine Bliss was the greatest investment we could have made with our dog.  We attended both puppy class and Canine Companion Level 1 and the knowledge we learned was unbelievable!  Murphy is now a well trained puppy thanks to Kris and her staff.  He went from being an energetic, mischievous puppy to a puppy who now walks great, listens to commands, respects his owners, does a great job socially with other dogs and people and is a true joy to have as part of the family.  Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to attending Canine Good Citizen and Canine Companion Level 2 in the spring."  

- Don, Sandy, & Murphy Reinhart

"When I called Kris I wasn't sure this dog could be salvageable.  I don't trust him, but think with carry through with just the basic instructions he will be a  lot better.  I have seen such improvements!  I loved the class and the hours were great for parents getting kids off to school.  Kris was extremely helpful!"  

- Cindy Toflinski

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