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Hear what our customers have to say!

"Before attending the classes at Canine Bliss, Rascal was pretty much head of the house.  Now we have our house back and know how to get the responses we need from him. We would recommend these classes to anyone wanting a better behaved pet."  

- Wayne & Mary Lou Stults

"It is a pleasure to come to classes.  I appreciated the extra effort Kris went to when a dog would not be doing something.  She would take the time and effort to give that dog special attention to show us how to react to the situation.  I would reccommend her training to anyone.  Her time and dedication to her profession along with her knowledge are to be commended- Thanks Kris!"  

- Bill Gruber 

"I have a Berner that needed training and had passed Canine Bliss many times.  Finally I called and entered a class.  It was the best thing I could have done.  We had 6 dogs, all different sizes and personalities.  I learned more in those 10 lessons than I did watching TV, or other dog classes I have taken.  I intend on going on and have a great time teaching and just spending time with Gabe.  I would recommend the classes, the holistic products that are sold there, and feel my dog is healthier, happier and has great behavior from my finding Canine Bliss."  

- Deb Yeagle

"I was skeptical about spending money on dog training with economy as it is.  It was the best money I have ever spent on any of my dogs over the past forty years of having dogs."  

- Jack Case 

"I learned a lot of great things I never would have thought of on my own.  I also thought it was a great way to bond with my dog.  I'd definitely recommend their classes!" 

 - Sara Siekierski

"This is money well spent!  I find it incredible that after a few weeks, I have this well behaved dog.  My friends and neighbors are impressed!"   

- Sue Chaney

"Kris showed us how to get along better with a strong willed dog!  She also taught us (along with our dog), how to get along with other dogs.  Molly walks and minds better.  The grooming tips has helped us a lot.  We are all happier now.  We would recommend Kris to anybody who has a strong headed dog like Molly!"  

- Rita & Joe Spieldenner

"I've owned dogs in the past but have never had any formal obedience classes.  This was very informative!  Kris hits so many topics, ones I'd never considered.  It is a great way to get your puppy off to a good start and a place to begin correcting or avoiding unwanted behaviors.  Thanks to Canine Bliss & Kris."  

- Deb Miller & Scarlet

"I feel much more confident when I have my dog out in public that she will act "appropriately" for any situation that may arise - this is completely due to the knowledge and confidence I have received  and the training my dog received from Kris!  Thanks Kris!  You rock!" 

- Dianna Bess

"When I got Max I didn't know what to expect.  I never had a dog before.  At class I learned so much and listening to the others going through the same experience as I was made me feel better.  I had a big issue with my dog biting and now he hardly ever bites.  I have people tell me what a nice dog I have all the time.  I highly recommend Canine Bliss to anyone who owns a dog!"  

- Janell Hoodlebrink

"I took puppy and basic obedience classes with my beagle, Jack.  Kris gives you all of the information you need to have a healthy, well-behaved dog.  The classes are well worth the investment of time and money!"  

- Becky Goodwin & Jack

"Kris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her services.  Her training approach is balanced and positive.  She combines solid behavior theory with realisitc common sense.  Kris's training courses emphasizes responsible dog care and handler self control to teach dogs desired behaviors.  I am very pleased with my experiences in Level 1 and Level 2 classes.  Under Kris's quidance, my dog and I have built a positive foundation for an enjoyable and companionable life together.  Thank you Kris!"  

- Mandy Mueller

"Melton and I learned so much taking this 1st course from Kris at Canine Bilss.  I have to be honest, I had much more to learn than Melton.  We signed up for the "tricks" class and the 2nd course before the 1st course ended.  Melton and I highly recommend Canine Bliss to all dog owners."  

- Sharon S. Neifer

"I really enjoyed the class.  I learned so much and so did my dog, Amber.  It is so much easier to take a walk now, I actually enjoy it.  Kris is an awesome instructor.  She makes you feel comfortable and answers all your questions.  I am looking forward to the next class!"  

- Gaye Winterfield

"Kris is the "dog whisperer."  She is able to analyze your dog's personality and disposition.  The training classes are in a group but Kris makes you feel like you are receiving private 1 on 1 lessons.  I recommend Canine Bliss 100%." 

- Pam Hoover

"Hi Kris, This is Raven.  I wanted my mom to write a letter to you to let you know I enjoyed coming to class and I learned several behaviors that please my owners.  You showed mom and me how to have me heel, sit, down, etc.  They had started to work with me before classes and realized they were on the right track and how to reinforce my behavior with your training.  My parents already thought I was a special little girl and I want to please them.  I'm pretty good at staying but come is very hard for me because there is usually something very interesting or distracting when they want me to come.  We are working on it.  I like the praise and treats I get when I do well."

"I've heard mom tell other dog owners we have met on walks about my classes and about future classes we may enroll in so I can become a therapy dog.  I love people and I want to spread joy and peace to other people."

"Thank you for helping make me a better pet and helping me reach my goal."  

- Raven Margraf & Peg

"I started the class wondering how I would make time for it.  I ended it sorry to see that it was over.  I enjoyed the time it made me spend with Baily and other dog lovers.  We both are better off for it.  Kris is knowledgable, helpful & personable.  I would recommend these classes to anyone that wants to get more out of their relationship with their dog."  

- Mike Brownell 

"Since taking the class we have found a huge change in our dogs behavior and they look forward to training."  

- Jason Romstadt

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