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Hear what our customers have to say!

"The classes were so informative.  Every class we learned something new that we could go home and apply right away.  We would see the results and it would get us so excited to continue to see how much more we could learn.  We also have a 4 year old dog at home who had never been to training.  We were able to take the things we learned with our puppy and apply them to the older dog and they are both doing terrific!"  

- Beth Muffler - Fremont

"If you have a dog and you really want to enjoy them, to have them be a part of your family, this is a great class.  It is small so you get a lot of one on one.  Kris shares her knowledge and experiences with you that gies you the confidence you need!  You get a lot of interaction in class.  It is a very enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  We learned a lot and will use it forever.  Thanks for everything."  

- Erik/Robin Peck - Fremont

"Our puppy Lizzy, 7 mo. old, was very shy and scared when we started our basic class.  By the time we were finished with our classes she wanted to run with the big boys!  Our Lizzy has learned to sit, stay, down, and also not to  jump on friends that come over.  We are so happy that our puppy learned who was boss in our home and it was not Lizzy.  Kris is a very special person with all the patience and kindness she offers to all dogs in our class.  Everyone with any kind of dog should enroll in Canine Bliss, you will be glad you did as we are.  The rewards are very gratifiying."  

- Mike & Rosemary Dziak - Lakeside

"Before Jasper (my spoiled min pin) and I started this class, I was not sure he would be a very good student.  We learned so much!  I highly recommend this course for anyone who has a dog that thinks he's the boss.  Jasper would pull me (small but mighty) down the street.  He was never around a group of dogs before this course.  It was a kodak moment when Kris had our class go for a walk.  There was Jasper walking with 6 dogs and wasn't acting aggressive.  After hearing Kris talk about dog food, and reading the literature I changed his food.  I was not aware of the harmful ingredients that is put in dog food.  Kris is a fantastic instructor and now it is up to me to be consistent with everything I learned."  

- Shirley Bush - Bellevue

"Kris, My mom Marcia and I just want to thank you for teaching us how to get along better.  Marcia isn't yelling at me, my brother Harry, or sisiter Snert as much as she used to yell.  I hear the human visitors saying "That Scruffy seems calmer.  Scruffy isn't barking as much."  Marcia enjoys showing the humans how we dogs wait "calmly" at the door (I even lay down) to be allowed to go outside.  Our walks with Marcia are more fun, we go further and Marcia seems happier when we get home.  My Brother is really excited about trick school.  Harry is such a show off.  Maybe Marcia can bring me for more training later on.......No matter how good we dogs think we are, there's room for improvement.  Thanks again Kris, you gals are the best and Marcia tells everyone about your business!!  Thanks again, Scruffy....P.S.  Marcia thanks you too!"  

 - Marcia Etzwiler - Fremont

"I really enjoyed my experience at Canine Bliss.  This is the second dog I've brought here so I must think it was worth while.  It's such a bonding experience working with your dog.  So rewarding when they do a task right.  Kris teaches you a lot of tricks of the trade to make that happen.  Both of my dogs have totally different personalities and required different ways of getting the best out of t them.  Thank you Kris!  I wish everyone who owns a dog could have this experience.  It start you off going in the right direction."  

- Dave and Kathy Reinhart - Tiffin

"I am very impressed with Kris and her school, Canine Bliss.  She is professional, kind, caring, knowledgeable, helpful, observant, and eager to help us with any dog problem that we might have.  I would highly recommend using her services.  Thank you so much Kris!"  

- Marlene Gulas - Port Clinton

"Kris is very interested in each dog and person (handler) as an individual and will treat them and their problems as such."  

- Elaine Dye - Fremont

"Hi everyone!  Last spring we enrolled Tony and Cloudy in one of Kris Bliss's obedience classes and found it to be quite beneficial.  Her classes are conducted indoors on a rubber mat covered area free from distractions.  There were two large German Shepards, one Golden Retriever, a young rambunctious male Rottweiler mix and our two Grey's.  Every dog had a different personality and we were able to see how the success was mostly dependent upon the ability of the owner to establish "who's in charge", reinforcing good behavior and being consistent and patient. We were satisfied with the results and would recommend her to anyone."  

- Bill Taylor - Fremont

"We have completed the Basic Pet Manners and Pet Manners Level Two and are excited to share our experiences with Canine Bliss with you.  Despite the fact that our dog offered challenges to us, Kris was determined to help us and our dog to overcome these difficulties.  Kris' Knowledge and experience in dog handling and her dedication to her cause are very obvious as Kris offers instructions and demonstrations using her own dogs as examples.  The sessions are fun for both the dogs and their owners because of Kris' positive and honest approach in the training process.  Kris has given us the tools that we need.  We learned a lot of very valuable information that will help us and our dog to have a very happy and healthy life together.  Thanks Kris!!!!"

- Snip and Sharon Snider - Port Clinton

“Since I have been coming to class my dog has settled down a great deal.  I have found keeping her busy is a great help.  When we go for a walk I walk her not her dragging me.  What a wonderful step forward!  Having your dog think really helps.  When they're thinking they're learning.  Thanks again Kris.  What a wonderful experience it has been been.” 

- Diane Mehling  -- Fremont

"I thought we had our new puppy trained pretty good-sit-stay-down-come, etc.  Kris showed us some better ways and added new experiences to challenge our dog and us." 

- Barb and Randy Reisbach and Copper

"We as dog lovers sure feel a need to share our great experience with a really top notch dog trainer.  We have been taught the proper way to work with our pets and be able to see how happy and well behaved they really can be.  Thank you Kris!” 

- Pat and Randie Herzig

"We have had at least one dog usually a beagle for over 30 years and this was the first time we have gone to doggie school.  What a positive experience.  We had never had the "problems" with any of our other dogs that we have experienced with Rusty.  The classes have been very beneficial, not only for Rusty, but for his humans.  We have learned that he is not the boss.  Not only have the classes been a learning experience for Rust and his humans, buy they have also been very entertaining."   

- Tom and Chris Munson and Rusty

"I would like to encourage anybody who would like to have a well-behaved dog to consider training with Kris.  She does very well at conveying how to train your dog.  I went to puppy pre-school and basic training with my chihuhua Sweetie.  She has learned how to be polite towards others and loves being around other dogs and people.  She has learned how to come when called, loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, and much more.  I am definitely coming back to more classes and I hope anyone who reads this will come too.  Thanks so much Kris for your valuable training skill and love for dogs to be well rounded." 

- Jamie Christopher and Sweetie

"This class has been great for our dog. Lots of helpful information. Zoe has flowered."  

- Ed and Judy Marher

"Friendly atmosphere, excellent facilities and resources; professional leadership, reasonable fees, timely advice and problem solving. Fun, informative, and effective."  

- Keith and Pat Siebert

"This was a good experience for both my dog and myself. I don't know who learned more, me or the dog."  

- Janet Quaintance

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